November 30, 2020

New Projects on the Social Science Prediction Platform

Four new projects are now accepting predictions (more below)! If you’re a graduate student, weighing in on these projects can get you three surveys closer to completing the Forecasting Challenge (read more about the Challenge and how to receive a $25 Amazon gift card here). Please make sure to complete your user profile to indicate your eligibility.

In response to your requests, we’ve also made it possible for project teams to host open and closed projects on permanent pages, so you can easily share and cite your survey instruments.

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Open Surveys

The following surveys are collecting responses. *Starred projects are offering financial incentives for respondents.

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If you’re interested in collecting predictions, visit our Survey Guide or FAQs to get started. If you have questions or would like support, contact Nick Otis at

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October 14, 2020

Updates and open surveys on the Social Science Prediction Platform
Since launching the SSPP in July, we’ve welcomed over 2,000 researchers, faculty, and students like you to our platform to predict the results of social science experiments and invite predictions for new studies. Your projects and predictions have focused on diverse topics ranging from the persistence of mental health interventions in India to the perception of race-related research in economics. You can now weigh in on five open projects (details below). Additional highlights include:
  • 216 faculty users, 437 students, and 196 researchers—you can update your profile information here if you haven’t filled out this information yet
  • 6 open surveys and 2 completed surveys
  • 1,337 total predictions and 167 average predictions per project
We hope your experience on the SSPP has been enlightening and useful. The platform is still young—we appreciate your questions and suggestions, which you can send to As our community grows, we also hope you can help us spread the word.

Platform Updates 

  • The Forecasting Challenge is now open! Graduate students who respond to 10 or more
    surveys will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Please make sure to complete your
    user profile to indicate your eligibility. Read more
  • Project leads: You can now upload results from your completed projects so that others can see how things panned out after surveys have closed. Those responded to your surveys can also see how their predictions compare to these results. 
  • For those who have elected to receive regular email digests, we expect to send our first messages next month. These will include open surveys that fit the interests you indicated in your profile. If you haven’t signed up for these yet, make sure to do so here
  • We've created a guide containing a number of tools to help new users navigate the platform. 
  • Programming a forecasting survey? We've developed a Qualtrics template, and highlight some simple ways to improve your surveys.  

Open Surveys 

The following surveys are currently collecting responses. Estimates for how long surveys will take have been provided by the researchers. 

Submit a project! 

We’re accepting new projects! Visit our Survey Guide or FAQs for more information. If you’re not sure how to start, contact Nick Otis at with questions.