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Crowdsourcing Political Models of Covid-19 Mortality

Study ID sspp-2021-0015-v5

General Details

Project Crowdsourcing Political Models of Covid-19 Mortality
Study ID sspp-2021-0015-v5
Study Title Crowdsourcing Political Models of Covid-19 Mortality
Authors Miriam Golden, Alex Scacco, Kim Yi Dionne, Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Macartan Humphreys, Sampada KC, Eva Vivalt, Haoyu Zhai
Completion Time 10 Minutes
Close Date June 4, 2021
Discipline Political Science
Field Comparative Politics
Country Global (>10 countries), India, Mexico, United States
Does democracy save lives? Do female political leaders respond more effectively to public health crises? Are ethnically diverse societies more vulnerable to COVID-19? How do you think political and social features of countries relate to cumulative COVID-19 deaths? We have compiled statistical models that predict future COVID-19 mortality across and within countries. Which models do you think are true? This survey is anonymous and no personally identifying information will be visible to the research team, even if you log in.

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Golden, Miriam, Scacco, Alex, Dionne, Kim Yi, Diaz-Cayeros, Alberto, Humphreys, Macartan, KC, Sampada, Vivalt, Eva, and Haoyu Zhai. 2021. "Crowdsourcing Political Models of Covid-19 Mortality." Social Science Prediction Platform. May 5.

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