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Improving HIV Medication Adherence in Mozambique (Public)

Project Improving HIV Medication Adherence in Mozambique
Study ID sspp-2021-0004-v1
Study Title Improving HIV Medication Adherence in Mozambique
Authors Arlete Mahumane, James Riddell IV, Jared Stolove, Dean Yang, Hang Yu
Completion Time 10 Minutes
Close Date April 30, 2021
Discipline Economics
Field Development Economics, Health Economics, Behavioral Economics
Country Mozambique
Effective HIV antiretroviral therapy has now become more widely available in sub-Saharan Africa. However, in certain settings, adherence to antiretroviral therapy is poor, reducing its effectiveness. In this study we investigate several methods targeting different behavioral biases to improve antiretroviral adherence in patients newly diagnosed with HIV infection in a community in Mozambique.

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