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Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique

Study ID sspp-2020-0018-v1

General Details

Project Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique
Study ID sspp-2020-0018-v1
Study Title Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique
Authors James Allen IV, Arlete Mahumane, James Riddell IV, Tanya Rosenblat, Dean Yang, Hang Yu.
Completion Time 15 Minutes
Close Date Jan. 31, 2021
Discipline Economics
Field Development Economics
Country Phone Survey in Mozambique
We are seeking expert predictions on the effects of our interventions in the following study: We seek to support the Mozambican COVID-19 response by following up on a study sample of a trial in Mozambique. Sample households were contacted by phone and administered several rounds of surveys regarding COVID-19 knowledge, beliefs, and behavior. We randomized novel over-the-phone interventions to test if we could encourage social distancing by accelerating changes in community norms and improve knowledge about COVID-19 via incentives and tailored feedback. Human subjects review: #HUM00191506 at the University of Michigan.

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IV, James Allen, Mahumane, Arlete, IV, James Riddell, Rosenblat, Tanya, Yang, Dean, and Hang Yu.. 2020. "Combatting COVID-19 in Mozambique." Social Science Prediction Platform. November 23.