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Expert forecasts on cooperation of German farmers in a public good game (Public) ($)

General Details

Project Public Good Games with German Farmers
Study ID sspp-2021-0002-v1
Study Title Expert forecasts on cooperation of German farmers in a public good game
Authors Jens Rommel, Julian Sagebiel, Christoph Schulze
Completion Time 10 Minutes
Close Date Feb. 15, 2021
Discipline Economics
Field Experimental Economics
Country Germany
The experiment is part of a European Union H2020 funded project on collective agri-environmental schemes which investigates cooperation among farmers. We collect data for one baseline and four treatments of a public goods game. The baseline is a linear voluntary contribution mechanism public goods game with four players, endowed with 50 Euro. Contributions are doubled and redistributed equally. The four treatments are 1) heterogeneous initial endowments, 2) leading-by-example, 3) a social norm treatment, emphasizing earlier cooperative solutions, and 4) highlighting the social optimum.

Incentive Details

Incentive Type Based on forecast accuracy
Calculation Method Continuous: Based on absolute forecast accuracy
Recipient Pool Incentives are lottery-based
Lottery Percentage 1.0%

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