About the Superforecaster Panel

Would you like to stay informed about the latest developments in social science research, assess the accuracy of your understanding of research findings, and receive financial compensation for your participation in the process? We are currently accepting applications to join our new Social Science Prediction Platform Superforecaster Panel. As a member of the Superforecaster Panel, you'll need to complete either (i)  a minimum of 80% of the monthly surveys on the platform or (ii)  five surveys per month. The incentive program will take place in two stages. After the first six months of participation, members of the Superforecaster Panel will receive a bonus payment of $400. After completing the second six month stage of the experiment, members will be paid an additional $600 bonus, for a total of $1,000.

Program eligibility

Graduate students, faculty, and researchers at other institutions are eligible for these incentives. To participate, you must complete the basic background questions associated with your profile and provide an email address for payment. Each individual can have a maximum of one account on the platform. Users may be disqualified if we detect they are not substantively engaging with the surveys they complete. If you have any questions relating to your eligibility, please contact our support staff at support@socialscienceprediction.org.

Your email address and researcher status will be confirmed prior to any payments being made. Individuals receiving large amounts may be asked to provide further details before payment is released.

Details on incentives

Participants in the Superforecaster Panel will be paid a total of $400 for the first six months conditional on completing either five surveys per month or a minimum of 80% of the surveys per month. For example, if there are five new surveys in a given month, as a member of our superforecaster panel you would be expected to complete a minimum of four surveys. If there are ten new surveys in a given month, you will be expected to complete five of these surveys. You will never be asked to complete more than five surveys a month as part of the program.

Users will be able to see the number of completed surveys on their survey dashboard, and will be sent email notifications if they are going to miss the targeted number of surveys for the month. After completing the first six months of the program, participants will be invited to participate in a second six month phase which pays an additional $600 upon completion and which has the same per-month requirements.

Payment options: We are currently able to offer payments over PayPal. If you have any questions relating to our incentive programs, please contact support staff at support@socialscienceprediction.org.

Relationship to other SSPP incentive programs: We previously offered the SSPP Forecasting Incentives Program to all forecasters which paid $100 for every ten surveys that participants completed. If you join the Superforecaster Panel and have previously completed surveys under the Forecasting Incentives Program but have not reached the ten-survey threshold required for payment, we will distribute funds to compensate you for your past participation at the end of the first six month period. For example, if you had completed 6 surveys under the Forecasting Incentives Program, we would send an additional payment of $60 upon completion of the first six months of the program ($400+$60=$460 total). We appreciate your participation on our platform!

Relationship to survey-specific incentives: Some surveys offer additional incentives, for example based on the accuracy of forecasters' predictions. Participation in the Superforecaster Panel does not affect these incentives.