Forecaster Incentives

This program ended on September 15th, 2023, and is no longer active

Last updated: September 15, 2022

We are launching two new types of forecaster incentives:

Incentives for survey completion: We offer payments of $100 for every 10 surveys you complete. For example, if you complete 10 surveys, you will receive $100, and if you complete 20 surveys, you will receive an additional $100 ($200 total).

To ensure that your response is counted, please log in before taking each survey. Completed surveys are assessed at the end of each month, and payments are made at the beginning of next month. Completed surveys accumulate across months (e.g., if you completed 5 surveys in June and 5 in July, you will have earned $100 when assessed at the end of July and you will receive payment in early August. We will be able to provide a minimum of 500 awards, and each participant can earn at most $500 from this program. Once you have completed 10 surveys, we will verify that you meet the eligibility criteria described below. Payments will be automatically delivered via PayPal to the email address you provide in your profile for payment purposes.

Incentives for most surveys completed: A program for forecasters that offers a payment of $500 to the 20 individuals who complete the most surveys in the one year period running from September 15th, 2022 to September 14th, 2023. If there is a tie, the winner will be selected at random.

We anticipate further incentive payments to be made available in the future, and we will regularly update this page both to provide information on when the awards described above are exhausted as well as to provide information on any new incentives available.

Eligibility for both programs:

Graduate students, faculty, and researchers at other institutions are eligible for these incentives. To participate, you must complete the basic background questions associated with your profile and provide an email address for payment. Each individual can have a maximum of one account on the platform. Users may be disqualified if we detect they are not substantively engaging with the surveys they complete. If you have any questions relating to your eligibility, please contact our support staff at

Your email address and researcher status will be confirmed prior to any payments being made. Individuals receiving large amounts may be asked to provide further details before payment is released.