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Evidence based policy adoption and ideological alignment

Study ID sspp-2024-0007-v1

General Details

Project Ideological alignment and evidence-based policy adoption
Study ID sspp-2024-0007-v1
Study Title Evidence based policy adoption and ideological alignment
Authors Pedro Rey-Biel, Jorge García-Hombrados, Berkay Ózcan, Antonio Roldán-Monés, Ángel Martínez, Marcel Jansen
Completion Time 5 Minutes
Close Date April 12, 2024
Discipline Economics, Political Science
Field Political Economics, Public Economics, Experimental Economics, Political Economy, Behavioral Economics
Country Spain
We examine the impact of ideological alignment between institutions disseminating research findings and policymakers on adopting evidence-based policies. We conduct a country-wide RCT in which two ideologically opposite prominent think tanks, two major newspapers, and a research institution with nonsalient ideology to communicate the exact same information about a low-cost, non-ideological, and effective policy based on published research findings to a large sample of Spanish local policymakers. We measure the direct impact of information on policy adoption. We propose a three-stage conceptual framework of policy adoption processes - selective exposure to information, belief updating, and policy implementation. Finally, we discuss the trade-offs between effectiveness and outreach when using ideologically aligned and non-salient institutions to disseminate research evidence and comment on the economic impact of ideological alignment for policy implementation.

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Rey-Biel, Pedro, García-Hombrados, Jorge, Ózcan, Berkay, Roldán-Monés, Antonio, Martínez, Ángel, and Marcel Jansen. 2024. "Evidence based policy adoption and ideological alignment." Social Science Prediction Platform. March 11.

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