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Predict the Opinions of Other Prolific Workers

Study ID sspp-2022-0003-v1

General Details

Project Predicting Prolific Opinions
Study ID sspp-2022-0003-v1
Study Title Predict the Opinions of Other Prolific Workers
Authors Linnea Gandhi, Ben Manning, Angela Duckworth, Daniel Kahneman
Completion Time 5 Minutes
Close Date Feb. 19, 2022
Discipline Psychology
Field Behavioural Science
Country Online (limited countries)
Thank you for your interest in this survey. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to provide your predictions about others' opinions of a few people, objects, or experiences.

Incentive Details

Incentive Type Flat rate for participation
Incentive Size $10.00
Recipient Pool Incentives are lottery-based
Lottery Percentage 5.0%

Gandhi, Linnea, Manning, Ben, Duckworth, Angela, and Daniel Kahneman. 2022. "Predict the Opinions of Other Prolific Workers." Social Science Prediction Platform. February 10.