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Predicting Field Experiment Results - Online Subscription Nudges

Study ID sspp-2023-0028-v1

General Details

Project Predicting Field Experiment Results (Conducted by Online Retailers & in Framed Field Experiments)
Study ID sspp-2023-0028-v1
Study Title Predicting Field Experiment Results - Online Subscription Nudges
Authors Kellen Mrkva, Marissa Sharif, Shannon Duncan
Completion Time 5 Minutes
Close Date Aug. 24, 2023
Discipline Economics, Psychology
Field Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Insights, Behavioral Science, Behavioral Economics
Country United States
You will see short summaries of three A/B tests and be asked to estimate the results of each (what % of users would choose each subscription option). We want to get people's estimates about the impact of different forms of choice architecture. The first two are field experiments that were conducted by a learning subscriptions company. The third is an online experiment conducted by academics at Wharton and Baylor.

Mrkva, Kellen, Sharif, Marissa, and Shannon Duncan. 2023. "Predicting Field Experiment Results - Online Subscription Nudges." Social Science Prediction Platform. June 28.

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