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Predictions - Effect of Representation in Higher Learning

Study ID sspp-2022-0036-v1

General Details

Project Inspiring the Next Generation of Students in Higher Learning: Predictions
Study ID sspp-2022-0036-v1
Study Title Predictions - Effect of Representation in Higher Learning
Authors Tongzhe Li, Danielle Roy
Completion Time 10 Minutes
Close Date Sept. 26, 2022
Discipline Economics
Field Economics Of Education, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Country Canada, Online (limited countries)
This research employs an artefactual framed-field experiment with current students at the investigating University to assess how representation affects individuals’ perceptions of their ability to and/or likelihood to pursue higher education and field-specific careers, as well as the academic aptitude of their peers. Participation is open to current University students across all degree levels and academic fields. Participants will view a video depicting a panel of notable academics. Treatments will vary the panel depicted with regards to the gender diversity of the academics shown. Participants will be asked a series of questions both before and after the video is shown to compare treatment effects. We assess the effects of representation in academia on students’ perceptions of their likelihood of pursuing further education. The effect of social identity is also assessed.

Li, Tongzhe, and Danielle Roy. 2022. "Predictions - Effect of Representation in Higher Learning." Social Science Prediction Platform. July 26.