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Comparing Measures of Overprecision (Corrected)

Study ID sspp-2021-0007-v1

General Details

Project Comparing Different Measures of Overprecision
Study ID sspp-2021-0007-v1
Study Title Comparing Measures of Overprecision (Corrected)
Authors Don Moore, Randall Hale
Completion Time 5 Minutes
Close Date March 31, 2021
Discipline Psychology
Field Cognitive Psychology
Country Online (limited countries)
How much are different measures of overprecision related to one another? This study focuses on overprecision, the excessive faith that you know the truth. Overprecision is the most durable and pervasive form of overconfidence, and has been studied using several different measures. Rarely does one study employ more than one of these measures. We want your forecast for how closely they are related!

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Moore, Don, and Randall Hale. 2021. "Comparing Measures of Overprecision (Corrected)." Social Science Prediction Platform. February 18.

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