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Predict beliefs about exam scores

Study ID sspp-2022-0032-v1

General Details

Project Beliefs about exam scores
Study ID sspp-2022-0032-v1
Study Title Predict beliefs about exam scores
Authors Yiming Liu, Stephanie W. Wang
Completion Time 10 Minutes
Close Date June 25, 2022
Discipline Economics
Field Economics Of Education
Country China
Middle school students in China took an entrance exam for high school admissions which fully determines the high schools’ preferences over the students. However, students need to apply to one of several high schools before knowing their exact exam scores. Thus they need to make their high-stakes school choices based on their exam score estimations. We conducted a survey with students to study their estimations. We ask you to make predictions about the differences between their estimated and actual scores, the differences between students’ recalled scores in a previous mock exam and their actual scores for that exam, and the relationship between the estimation and the recall.

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Liu, Yiming, and Stephanie W. Wang. 2022. "Predict beliefs about exam scores." Social Science Prediction Platform. May 24.