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Long-run impacts of social signalling for vaccinations in Sierra Leone

Study ID sspp-2023-0011-v1

General Details

Project LT Vaccination Sierra Leone
Study ID sspp-2023-0011-v1
Study Title Long-run impacts of social signalling for vaccinations in Sierra Leone
Authors David Bernard, Anne Karing
Completion Time 15 Minutes
Close Date May 1, 2023
Discipline Economics
Field Development Economics, Behavioral Economics
Country Sierra Leone
Globally, there is a standard course of 5 vaccines over the first year of life. In Sierra Leone, 99% of children get the first vaccine, but only 69% of children complete all 5 vaccinations by the age of one. This study asks if we can increase timely and complete vaccination by allowing parents to show to others that they have vaccinated their child. Researchers introduced a signal in the form of coloured bracelets that children receive upon vaccination in Sierra Leone. We ask you to predict the short and long-run effects of the signalling intervention. 10% of respondents to this survey will receive an accuracy reward of up to $100. There is also a $40 reward if you complete at least 4 of these long-run surveys.

Incentive Details

Incentive Type Based on forecast accuracy
Calculation Method
Recipient Pool Incentives are lottery-based
Lottery Percentage 10.0%

Forecast Distributions

When uploading forecasting surveys, authors are asked to select several key questions which are often the questions they think are the most important to the study.

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Bernard, David, and Anne Karing. 2023. "Long-run impacts of social signalling for vaccinations in Sierra Leone." Social Science Prediction Platform. March 9.