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Long-run impacts of mother tongue instruction in Uganda

Study ID sspp-2022-0007-v1

General Details

Project Literacy Uganda
Study ID sspp-2022-0007-v1
Study Title Long-run impacts of mother tongue instruction in Uganda
Authors David Bernard
Completion Time 20 Minutes
Close Date June 30, 2022
Discipline Economics
Field Development Economics, Economics Of Education
Country Uganda
A Ugandan education firm developed a program to improve literacy by teaching in children's mother tongue. There are two versions of the program: full-cost and reduced-cost. We ask you to forecast the long-run impacts on test scores and school attendance.

Incentive Details

Incentive Type Based on forecast accuracy
Calculation Method
Recipient Pool Incentives are lottery-based
Lottery Percentage 5.0%

David Bernard. 2022. "Long-run impacts of mother tongue instruction in Uganda." Social Science Prediction Platform. March 3.