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How Do Policy-Makers Weigh Evidence?

Study ID sspp-2020-0002-v1

General Details

Project How Do Policy-Makers Weigh Evidence?
Study ID sspp-2020-0002-v1
Study Title How Do Policy-Makers Weigh Evidence?
Authors Aidan Coville, Eva Vivalt
Completion Time 15 Minutes
Close Date Aug. 17, 2020
Discipline Economics
Field Development Economics
Country Multiple countries (not online)
How do policy-makers and practitioners in international development weigh evidence from impact evaluations? For example, would they prefer evidence from a randomized control trial done in a different region or evidence from a quasi-experimental or observational study done in their own country? You are invited to predict the results of an experiment at World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank impact evaluation workshops.

Coville, Aidan, and Eva Vivalt. 2020. "How Do Policy-Makers Weigh Evidence?." Social Science Prediction Platform. July 7.

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