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Equivalence Testing in Economics

Study ID sspp-2024-0008-v1

General Details

Project Equivalence Testing in Economics
Study ID sspp-2024-0008-v1
Study Title Equivalence Testing in Economics
Authors Jack Fitzgerald
Completion Time 15 Minutes
Close Date April 30, 2024
Discipline Economics
Field Applied Econometrics, Econometrics
Country Global (>10 countries)
I subject the models defending 135 null claims in 81 articles recently published in top economics journals to equivalence testing, which assesses whether an estimate is significantly bounded within a given region around zero. I specifically evaluate how often the models defending these null claims can significantly bound their estimates beneath conventional effect size benchmarks. This survey asks you to make predictions and judgments about equivalence testing failure rates in this sample.

Jack Fitzgerald. 2024. "Equivalence Testing in Economics." Social Science Prediction Platform. March 26.

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