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Forecast Survey: "Support for Benefit-Based Taxation and Redistribution"

Study ID sspp-2021-0023-v1

General Details

Project Recapture - Texas
Study ID sspp-2021-0023-v1
Study Title Forecast Survey: "Support for Benefit-Based Taxation and Redistribution"
Authors Matias Giaccobasso, Brad C. Nathan, Ricardo Perez-Truglia, Alejandro Zentner
Completion Time 10 Minutes
Close Date Dec. 31, 2021
Discipline Economics
Field Public Economics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Country United States
We designed a field experiment to explore households' support for taxation and redistribution. We designed an information-provision experiment with households who pay property taxes. We measure the households' support for taxation via survey data and by revealed-preferences via the households' decisions to appeal their property taxes. We examine two potential drivers of the support for taxation and the decision to protest property taxes: 1) The extent to which households benefit from the services that are funded through property taxes (more precisely, public schools), and 2) The extent to which the property taxes are not spent in the same community but shared with more disadvantaged communities (more precisely, recapture of property taxes).

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Giaccobasso, Matias, Nathan, Brad C., Perez-Truglia, Ricardo, and Alejandro Zentner. 2021. "Forecast Survey: "Support for Benefit-Based Taxation and Redistribution"." Social Science Prediction Platform. July 12.

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