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Effects of role models on promoting STEM and Entrepreneurship education (Public)

Project Role_models_forecast_update
Study ID sspp-2022-0033-v1
Study Title Effects of role models on promoting STEM and Entrepreneurship education
Authors Igor Asanov, Thomas Astebro, Guido Bünstorf, Bruno Crépon, Francisco Flores, David McKenzie, Mona Mensmann, Mathis Schulte
Completion Time 15 Minutes
Close Date Aug. 20, 2022
Discipline Economics
Field Development Economics, Economics Of Education, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Country Ecuador
In a recent literature review, Gladstone and Cimpiani (2021) indicate that practitioners and policymakers see role models as the “one-stop solution for increasing diversity in STEM” and other male-dominated fields. In this forecast, we are interested in learning how well people can predict the effect of a two lessons video-based role models intervention among high school students. It comprises evidence of two experiments gathering about 47,000 students in more than 1,100 schools.

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