Mentions in the News

Eva Vivalt on Evidence-Based Policy and Forecasting Social Science, Hear this Idea, April 12, 2021

Social Science Prediction Platform by Chuck Kapelke, Social Science Matrix, September 15, 2020
In an interview with UC Berkeley’s Social Science Matrix, Stefano DellaVigna discusses the SSRP and the use of forecasting in social science research.

Announcing the launch of the Social Science Prediction Platform by Aleksandar Bogdanoski and Katherine Hoeberling, World BankDevelopment Impact Blog, July 14, 2020
BITSS staff present the motivation for the SSPP, the main features of the platform, and how researchers can get involved in the project.

Solving the Problem of "Obviousness" with Prediction Platforms by Evan Nesterak, Behavioral Scientist, November 11, 2019
Evan Nesterak discusses hindsight bias in social science research and the value of collecting predictions systematically to understand how scientists update their views.

Prediction Markets Offered as Boost to Science Integrity by Paul Basken, Times Higher Education, November 7, 2019
Paul Basken explains how forecasting can help improve public confidence in social science research.

Predicting Research Results Can Mean Better Science and Better Advice by Eva Vivalt, The Conversation, October 24, 2019
Eva Vivalt argues that collecting forecasts systematically can help improve the interpretation of research results and support policy decisions when rigorous studies can’t be conducted.

Were those experiment results really so predictable? These researchers aim to find out by University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business, Science Daily, October 30, 2019
Through the SSPP, researchers can rely on the collective knowledge of peers to establish a scientific consensus on which new research results can build.