About Us

Principal Investigators

Stefano DellaVigna

Stefano DellaVigna is a Professor at UC Berkeley and is a co-editor at the American Economic Review. He has been involved in projects with collaborator Devin Pope directly studying expert forecasts from the lens of behavioral economics.

Eva Vivalt

Eva Vivalt is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto. She is involved in on-going research collaborations with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank involving the collection of predictions from government officials, development practitioners, and researchers.

Advisory Board

Anna Dreber Almenberg

Johan Björkman Professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics

Donald Green

J.W. Burgess Professor of Political Science at Columbia University

Larry Katz

Elisabeth Allison Professor of Economics at Harvard University

Betsy Levy Paluck

Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University

David McKenzie

Lead Economist of the Development Research Group at the World Bank

Edward Miguel

Oxfam Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics at University of California, Berkeley

Brian Nosek

Executive Director of the Center for Open Science and Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia

Devin Pope

Professor of Behavioral Science and Robert King Steel Faculty Fellow at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Philip Tetlock

Annenberg University Professor, School of Arts and Sciences (Psychology) and Wharton School (Management) at the University of Pennsylvania


Nicholas Otis

Graduate Student Researcher

Grace Han

BITSS Program Manager

Gary Menezes

Software Engineer

Leo Dai

Research Assistant

Kevin Didi

Research Assistant

Malek Hassouneh

Research Assistant

Rohan Jha

Research Assistant

Affiliated Organizations

University of Toronto

Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences

Center for Effective Global Action